The organizations with activities in electronic commerce need to use new technologies and platforms that enable them to boost their B2B, B2C and B2E initiatives. For this, it is not enough to have the help of one technological partner limited to provide development.

It is imperative that this supplier has enough knowledge regarding marketing strategies and their goals, so that analysts and architects can understand the impact in the projects and create systems of integration that attract customers, suppliers, distributors, employees or partners, and to define communication fluxes that foster interaction, collaboration and data exchange.

The software developed must improve the customer service via information and data. It must also be a stable and reliable system, without down times.

The software design and architecture may present large variations for every kind of company. MTP proposes the best option for each one of them  with its E-Business Development service, which guarantees the quality of the developments and the functional coverage of the organization’s requisites.

This service includes the making of requirements up to the codification of the solution, its testing and final delivery. As a result, the organization can:

  • Improve the customer service with information, data or platform extension.

  • Easily manage the online service contracts.

  • Streamline the processes through the B2B integration with the distributors.

  • Have the search tools efficient and adjusted according to the requisites established.

  • Guarantee a smooth and reliable functioning, without down times.

  • Have a catalogue, content and administration of simple users.

  • Utilize Tools Infrastructure services, always updated.