The amount of work required to promote a set of changes among the different environments of an organization (DEV, QA, PRE, PRO…) makes it necessary to have resources exclusively allotted to this task.

Moreover, if the process is not automated, extra documentation will be generated (handbooks for services installation, BDD updating, rollback, modification of configuration files according to the environment…), subject to errors both in the elaboration and in the execution, hence it is complicated to ensure the soundness of an installation/updating.

With this service, MTP normalizes the different environments, standardizes the mechanisms and procedures for the requirement of promoting changes among them and automatizes the process. With these, the validity, quality, security and operability of the activities to be developed for effecting the implementation of environments (preproduction, production, development, testing, training, etc.) of the systems is ensured, in order to minimize the risk of altering them.

Thus, the organization shall have a set of tools and processes destined to manage the changes in the infrastructure of the different environments in an automated way, ensuring consistency and parallels between them.

Some of the benefits that this service provides to the organizations are:

  • To have a management of the infrastructure as a code.

  • To check the infrastructure and determine what it really has.

  • To avoid the uncontrolled and uncoordinated changes.

  • Ability to reproduce thorough configurations of a certain environment.

  • To reduce downtime.

  • Consistency and scalability.

  • Early detection of problems in the software development process.

  • Traceability in all the changes performed in the configuration.

  • Quick response in the face of updates.

  • Visibility of the cloud instances in implementation.

  • Released resources for strategic tasks.