OCDA is a service developed by MTP that allows to establish the place in which an organization is, regarding the processes of configuration management, construction, delivery, deployment and software release.

The process areas that are evaluated are:

  • Configuration Management.

  • Build and Continuous Integration Management.

  • Deployment and Environments Management.

  • Releases and Compliance Management.

  • Testing Management.

  • Data Management.

In order to improve the processes and practices of integration and continuous delivery, it is necessary to target jointly a series of systems and with a comprehensive focus, end-to-end. MTP displays a set of six sub-systems that cover each one of the process areas within the Continuous Delivery model.

The study will focus on the observation of the maturity level in each one of them, and the degree of integration achieved:

  • Configuration Management System.

  • Automated System of Construction of applications/devices.

  • System for publishing, cataloguing and storing the software and applications and built devices.

  • Automated and homogeneous deployment system for different environments.

  • Dependencies management system between the components of a system.

  • System of code infrastructure management.

After the study proposed by MTP, the organizations will obtain the following benefits:

  • Knowledge of the situation with regards to the processes of design, development, construction, testing and deployment of their development centers linked to the best practices in the market.

  • Knowledge of which actions must be put into practice for the development of a framework that leads the design and construction activities.

  • Knowledge of the practices of integration and continuous deployment.

  • Knowledge of which activities must be put into practice for improving the testing processes and the final quality of their products before passing to production, and which is the best testing model to be implemented.