Every user is a potential customer, and therefore, when working on the design of a web or an application, either web or mobile, the organizations should try to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks to objective public in an efficient and satisfactory way, providing an excellent global use experience.

With this experience, MTP is in charge of evaluating the designs of the application (prototypes) or the applications already developed, in order to ensure that the use experience is as satisfactory as possible.

The service can be carried out following one or several of the following methods:

  • Expert Analysis: Analysis of the application by a UX expert, with the aim of detecting aspect that affect negatively in the use experience.

  • Heuristic Evaluation: An assessment based on heuristics covering all the key factors of a memorable UX experience.

  • Research with Users: Observing the behavior of real individuals dealing with common tasks that must be solved using the application.

  • Prototyping: Since an image is worth a thousand words, we design models and prototypes of the most representative screens.

  • Redesign: once those spots for improvement have been designed, we can redesign the analyzed applications in order to optimize the use experience.