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The Cloud is the new paradigm that works as an accelerator of the IT transformation, providing mobility and access to shared resources, services under demand and elasticity. Currently, a large amount of organizations have already moved or are in the process of moving their applications and infrastructures to the cloud.

However, the applications developed for the cloud present a series of characteristics that must be considered in the design of quality testing and in the selection of testing tools:

  • Multi-tenancy. This concept is related to the use of the same application instance by many customers, making it necessary to consider some aspects linked to the controlled access to each organization’s information.

  • Compliance. As it is possible to use this application from different countries, it is necessary to take into consideration the applicable regulations in functional terms, accessibility, etc.

  • Performance. Regardless the relevance of this non-functional quality feature in all Web applications, specific architectural aspects must be considered, as well as the convenience of using tools specifically designed for working in the cloud.

  • Security. Another aspect that must be considered, given the need to safeguard the confidentiality of information that can be found stored in the cloud.

MTP’s TaaS service covers the design and implementation of testing, both functional and non-functional, prioritizing the latter, especially with regards to aspects linked to the security or performance of the applications. The testing may be associated to the systems’ testing phases, to the systems integration or acceptance.

The benefits associated to MTP’s Testing as a Service are:

  • Ensuring the quality in the functioning of SaaS applications in the productive environments, with the resulting cost savings in non-quality.

  • Knowing the application or system response facing anomalous situations or typical failure modes in the technology used, or linked to the business operations.

  • Increase in the benefits of the Outsourcing itself, allowing the organization to focus in its own business.

  • Elasticity, agility and response to change. Elasticity, as a part of the SaaS services offer, allows the capabilities of an organization to escalate or contract, according to the business needs.

  • To have, after the testing, a documented testing set that can serve as a basis for being used during the application maintenance.