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MTP gives solution to the new needs for transformation and innovation of the organizations through its Cloud Testing service, in which the testing activity is addressed without the company having to male initial investments in infrastructure, tools, licenses, maintenance and environment management, paying only for what is strictly necessary and increasing the testing efficacy by allowing an increasingly larger and faster control in the creation of environments.

MTP’s Cloud Testing can move from the “end to end” testing –static and dynamic testing-, the testing of a complete phase –user testing, integration testing…- or even to a concrete typology, such as performance testing or security testing, providing all the infrastructure resources and tools in the cloud required for the service.

The benefits that MTP’s Cloud Testing provides are:

  • Transforming CAPEX into OPEX, reducing the investment in the creation and acquisition of IT assets.

  • Pay per use. Only the service required in every moment is hired.

  • Resources pooling. Improvement in costs, increment in peak capacity and a more efficient use of the systems.

  • Increase in benefits linked to Outsourcing. This allows the organization to focus in its own business.

  • Elasticity, allowing the capabilities of an organization to be escalated or contracted, in accordance to the business needs.

  • Increase in quality and in time to market, by reducing considerably the mistakes resulting from infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure Services, always updated.

  • More efficiency in management and operation of infrastructure, boosting automation.

  • Access and mobility. Testing infrastructure allows the experts in testing to have access from multiple locations, eliminating geographical limitations and facilitating mobility.