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With this service, MTP guarantees that the software developments associated to a product comply with the necessary quality requirements, understanding as software product the one that is distributed as a closed product, using generic commercial channels and covering thus a wide and open users’ range.

The Product Certification Service can cover, in accordance to the applicable regulations, the following aspects:

  • Design and implementation of functional testing.
  • Design and implementation of non-functional testing (performance, usability, accessibility, security…)
  • Formal revision of the generated documentation.

The service provides the organization with an enhancement in the application quality, succeeding for this to offer a suitable service for the diverse set of users and environments.

The benefits linked to the MTP’s Product Certification Service are:

  • Ensuring the compliance of the applicable regulations.
  • Knowing the response of the application or system when facing anomalous situations or typical failure mode.
  • Obtaining, after the testing, a set of templates and/or documented testing cases, which can be used during the maintenance of the application.