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When initiating a software development it is necessary for the organization to consider if such activity is complying with the current regulations, which can affect aspects related to the functional response, performance, security, accessibility, documentation of application and/or data processing for the testing.

Through the implementation of different methodologies and testing techniques, as well as different support tools, MTP succeeds in improving the quality of the development regarding the adequacy to the applicable regulations, ensuring that the applications comply with such regulations.

Among the benefits related to MTP’s Regulatory Compliance Verification service, we can highlight the following:

  • Ensuring the compliance with the applicable regulations due to the knowledge of such regulations and the knowledge of static and dynamic testing techniques.

  • Knowing the response of the application or system through anomalous situations or typical failure modes.

  • Obtaining, after the testing, a set of templates and/or documented testing cases which can be used during the maintenance of the application.