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To elaborate a thorough, sound and coherent planning of the software quality assurance activities of a project or set of projects.

With this service, organizations obtain a thorough, clear, coherent and unambiguous testing plan or set of plans, which shall serve as a basis to the quality assurance for the associated developments.

More concretely, the service is focused in the elaboration and consensus of a document that gathers the information needed to ensure the quality of a project, including elements such as:

  • Scope

  • Teams and those responsible

  • Documentation to be generated

  • Revision and testing methods

  • Applicable standards

  • Operating procedures (or reference to procedures)

  • Tests to be performed

  • Tools, techniques and methodologies

  • Problems management

  • Registers

  • Training

  • Risks

Some of the benefits associated to MTP’s Quality Assurance Plan Service are:

  • An improvement in the software quality control of the applications, by establishing a solid basis on which the quality expectations, those responsible, resources, etc. are included.

  • The contribution from a homogenous perspective to multiple projects, generating an enhancement in the organization’s maturity level.