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The Certification of Software guarantees the desired level of reliability and quality in the development of the products, following a strategy typically reactive, that is to say, based on the quality control after the processing of the software.

This service allows the organizations to obtain independent information, based on expert knowledge, as well as early information in the quality of the development.

The Certification of Software service covers:

  • Auditing of the testing carried out by the development suppliers, and controlling the working procedures or the documentation generated by other testing suppliers.

  • The complementation of services carried out by the suppliers of development/testing, through the design and implementation of additional testing.

The benefits of this service can be summarized in:

  • Ensuring the quality of the testing carried out by other areas or suppliers.

  • Ensuring the monitoring of the working procedures (generating documents, record of activities…)

  • Complementing the detected shortcomings.