Digital Business Assurance

The road to digital success

In the context of the new digital environment, organizations are required to face a series of challenges of the highest complexity related to the optimization of costs, reduced time-to-market resources, the search of a continuous improvement or organizational flexibility.

In order to overcome these issues, simply ensuring the quality of IT solutions is not enough; it’s becoming increasingly essential to move towards a Total Quality model that guarantees the success of the business objectives.

Digital Business Assurance is a new outlook that emerges from the applications economy and pursues a comprehensive assurance of the organizations’ activity, as well as a top quality experience for its customers, facilitating also the responsiveness both in decision-making and in the business activity itself.

MTP proposes to enter into the new Digital Business Assurance reality in a planned, orderly and optimized way, covering all aspects of the business value chain by implementing a strategy for a global business assurance, through the efficient use of Information Technologies.

In order to achieve this, MTP proposes a comprehensive set of services that helps organizations to guarantee the digital quality of their activity.

Quality Assurance Services

Covering all stages in the business activity. From the design of applications and software tools, to their continuous improvement once they are put into production through the implementation of the most advanced processes in Software Quality Assurance.

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Customer Experience Services

Their fundamental objective is to respond to the global context of a digital initiative, understanding the business aspects, identifying the requirements in a comprehensive way and optimizing the relationship with the user. Thus, each organization shall be able to understand the needs and expectations of each customer, as well as improving their experiences.

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Security Services

MTP helps its customers in detecting and preventing risks both proactively and reactively, through the execution of the best practices for an appropriate implementation of the assurance and control of the different aspects related to cyber-security in the organizations, with specific focus on the security of the applications.

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Application Services

They offer a broad coverage of all the life cycle of the software in digital initiatives, focusing on the business assurance and including mobile, e-business or multi-device applications, among others.

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Business Services

Services and solutions and implementation and business processes analysis, as well as value extraction from the corporate data, through advanced business intelligence and analytics, with a strong focus on the provision of iBPM and Business Analytics solutions.

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