Why MTP?

ExperienceOur independence and specialisation makes us a Preferred Technology Partner for our clients for whom we apply new trends in the market in the areas of processes, methodologies, certifications and tools.


In addition, MTP also brings the following differentiators:

  • Independent and Specialised in QA and Testing for over 15 years with more than 700 certified quality and testing engineers.
  • QA Industry Experience: MTP has a wide range of experience in the Telecoms, Financial Services and Utilities coupled with a high understanding of processes and testing methodologies.
  • Capacity for Improvement: MTP is committed to continuous innovation and as a result we have developed our own methodology (Omniatest®) which facilitates an early revision process and product quality checks from an end-to-end perspective. MTP also provides the framework for monitoring and improving two additional key areas: SLA's and MTP's Service processes.
  • Professional Certifications: The first Testing Factory globally to be TMMi level 4 Certified. First Spanish organisation to gain ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in factory software testing services.
  • Worldwide Technical Support: MTP adopts the "best practices" in Technical support currently being used for our clients in Europe and South America.


Itko Lisa
Micro Focus