Corporate Policy

MTP has put in place a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and guarantees for the Quality of its services. In the light of this undertaking, MTP has implemented an ambitious programme of international certifications:

  • ISO 9001 - Valid since 2006. Applied to key processes in Test Factory and Provision of Professional Services.
  • ISO 14001 - MTP has put in place a Management System for Environmental Aspects certified since october 2011.
  • ISO 27001 - The security management system of MTP has been certified on october 2011.
  • TMMi level 4 - Obtained in February, 2012. The first worlwide company to offer testing services certified to TMMi level 4 and currently in process of obtaining the level 5 certification.

The reference policies used in MTP’s management system and processes are as follows:

MTP Quality Policy
  MTP Policy on Testing Services   MTP Environmental Policy
MTP’s mission is to offer innovative services and solutions in the area of software engineering and quality, positioning itself as a highly specialised niche company providing great added value for its clients. MORE INFO…< Flecha  

The policy on Testing Services provided by MTP to its clients is an extension and specific application of its General Management Policy. MORE INFO…flecha


Protecting the environment takes pride of place among the goals of MTP and for this reason environmental aspects have been included in its business management process. MORE INFO…flecha