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MTP, the first Spanish company to obtain the ISO 9001 for its Factory Testing Services

  • Factory testing allows reducing cost, controlling service and improving company productivity continuously.

3rd of April 2009-Madrid: MTP specialized software quality management firm has just obtained the ISO 9001 Certification for their "Testing Factory” services. That turns it in to the first Spanish company to obtain a certification of quality in these services and renews also its service “Featuring Quality Software Qualified Personnel” previously obtained.

This certification confirms "best practice" at MTP and recognizes the maturity and efficiency of its Quality Management System, at the same time as it confirms the compromise with constant improvement since its beginning more than ten years ago to offer a better quality service. With the accomplishment of the ISO 9001 Certification: 2008, the effort and dedication of the entire

MTP team is internationally recognized for offering efficient answers to clients needs and this reaffirms its decisive orientation towards professional excellency. It is also a certification about the “core” of its business with which they show they take care of those critical processes for their clients for which quality cannot fail.

The words of Juan Manuel Ferrer, CEO at MTP, on the matter are: "The patience rate when upon a computing error is inversely proportional to the dependency that one has with the new technologies. Not investing in software quality can cause more common errors than one might imagine like not being able to use a cash machine do to display malfunction, losing a train do to an error in the travelers information or an exorbitant cellular telephone bill that does not correspond with its real use. But what is really serious is that an error like this may mean losing a client, and, now a days, it is the last thing companies need." He notes.

Software quality is something that companies worry more and more about, to avoid software errors in those processes that are critical to business, like safety in a bank computing system or in aeronautic advances, or in the proper functioning of telecommunications operators. In this sense the grand majority of companies choose specialized companies that are not related to software development and in this independence is what guarantees and assures quality.