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MTP increases its turn over in more than 60% during 2010

  • The Spanish company reaches a turn over 21 million Euros thanks to the important projects signed during the last financial year with companies like Telefónica, Grupo Santander, Ferrovial o BBVA.
  • During 2009 the company turned over 13 million euros.

10th of February 2011, Madrid- MTP, the specialised Spanish software quality management firm, turned over during 2011, 21 million Euros, supposing an increase of 61,5% regarding last year’s turn over.

The Spanish company owes its significant growth to the important agreements and projects it has achieved during the last financial year, specially in the telecom sector (Telefónica, Orange) and the financial sector (BBVA, Grupo Santander).

For this year MTP anticipates to continue with the good results and to obtain a growth rate of two digits – about 30% -, and to reach a turnover of 27 million Euros.

Juan Manuel Ferrer, CEO at MTP says "we are very proud, that after all the years of hard work and dedication to such a specialised field such as the software quality is, we are now collecting the results of a job well done."

And that's because the company has always betted on keeping the highest levels of specialization and independence, as a matter of fact, MTP is the first Spanish company to obtain the ISO 9001 certification for their “Factory Testing” services and the first company worldwide to obtain a level 3 TMMi Certification. TMMi (Test Maturity Model integrated) is the standard used in the industry for companies to measure and improve processes and activities related with Testing and Software Quality services.

Also, MTP has engaged a full international expansion process and plans to open offices in UK. They are already carring out projects in countries such as Germany and Japan. The interest in these markets is because the LTE technology is in a more mature development and deployment process and MTP is capable of offering TTCN-3 test cases for terminals with LTE technology. TTCN-3 is a standardized language by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) that is used in industrial and investigation environments to automate tests for the validation of software systems.

During 2010, MTP has also opened new offices in Madrid to respond to the growing number of employees and to fulfill clients' requests with the maximum level of quality. Changing their office location has allowed them to install their Testing Factory, in which over 200 people work. With this Testing Factory the Spanish firm will reach by the end of the year a million hours of specialised service, incrementing their capacity in a 45%.