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TMMi Workshop, 5th February

TMMi FoundationTMMi Foundation has given a Workshop of TMMi (Test Maturity Model Integration) for MTP's clients. Brian Wells, Senior IT Consultant, has supported it. He belongs to the TMMi Foundation and has 18 years of experience in IT Test & Validation.

This workshop is oriented to CEO, CIO and IT Managers. It analyzes the features and benefits of TMMi, the qualitative and quantitative improvements in the testing process that we could reach using it. This workshop explains the relationship and complements it with the CMMi model.

TMMi has a rapidly growing uptake across Europe, Asia and the USA and owes its popularity to being the only independent test process measurement method. The independent TMMi Foundation initiative has been established with the sole intent of developing the TMMi standard.

The TMMi Reference Model has been developed as a staged model. The staged model uses predefined sets of process areas to define an improvement path for an organisation. This improvement path is described by a model component called a maturity level. A maturity level is a well defined evolutionary plateau towards achieving improved organisational processes. At a later stage a continuous representation of the TMMi may become available. This will most likely not largely influence the content of the TMMi. It will only provide a different structure and representation.