Solutions and Services


MTP industry-specific services for medium and enterprise businesses help accelerate innovation, increase QA productivity while minimising risks and reducing costs. We provide services to the following industries:

  • Teleccomunications
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities
  • Goverment

Regional Coverage: Europe (Spain & UK) and LATAM (Mexico & Brazil).

The graph below shows a general overview of MTP’s Validation and Verification Service Offering:

V&V Catalogue Methodology: MTP has the expertise, know-how and skills to execute all the activities on its V&V catalogue and adapt them to the various methodologies recognised by the industry. Providing clients with great flexibility and total integration with their software assembly process.
Technological Specialization: MTP has available the people, processes and tools adapted for the execution of its V&V activities in different technological settings such as distributed environments, HOST, Embedded Software, ERP & CRM, Business Intelligence, etc.
Functional Specialization: MTP organises the operation of its services by business sector, allowing it to call on expert professionals in the different functional areas it operates in (Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, AAPP, Industry, among others).

This vision is specified in a Validations and Verifications catalogue that adapts to clients’ needs. Depending on what is required, part or all of the catalogue can be selected or, in exceptional cases, specific activities can be organised for a tailor-made consultancy project.