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Omniatest Methodology

OmniatestMTP guarantees its clients the quality and effectiveness of its software quality tests and their processes through the application of the Omniatest methodology.

Omniatest is a proprietary methodology based on the parameters defined by the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), which is certified at Level 4 of the TMMi Model and in the process of being certified at Level 5.

The methodology covers the complete process of software quality testing activities, including all testing levels for the software's Life Cycle, from review of requirements to post-production testing.

Omniatest places special emphases on testing project management and substantially increases the flexibility of the resources used and coordinating teams. Omniatest is structured according to a series of stages that are, in turn, made up of a group of procedures, tools, templates and guides.

Fases Metodología Omniatest


The methodology is represented by a testing project management tool that may be adapted to any kind of service of client, allowing for planning, monitoring, controlling and obtaining pre-difined indicators in a simple and complete way.

The Benefits of Omniatest:

  • Wide-scale institutionalisation of the process.
  • Complete planning of testing projects.
  • Full monitoring and control over projects.
  • Greater testing efficiency.
  • Total knowledge of project.
  • Fulfilment of commitments is guaranteed.
  • Management of future risks.
  • Prioritising of tests according to the risk analysis.