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Exhaustif TTCN

TTCN ExhaustifExhaustif/TTCN is a cost-effective testing tool used to define, implement, execute and automate test cases based on the TTCN-3 standard.

The test case execution process using this tool is highly repeatable and, therefore, less likely to suffer failures.


  • It fully supports TTCN-3 Runtime Interface (TRI) standard.Structure TTCN-3
  • It fully supports TTCN-3 Control Interface (TCI) standard.
  • Powerful TTCN-3 to C++ translation engine regardless of the operating system.
  • Different options available to record test results.
  • Reports generated in XML and HTML.
  • Robust development environment for easy integration of user-implemented C++ code (SA/PA).
  • Fully integrated with CVS and Subversion tools.
  • ROBODoc is fully integrated, allowing the documentation to be included in the source code. The source code can be corrected together with the documentation when the code is synchronized.
  • Uses Eclipse technology to integrate the tool easily with other Eclipse and IBM® Rational applications.
  • Multi-platform tool based on Java technology that can be run on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux.
  • Increases productivity in system testing:
    • Reduces the number of informal, manual and non-repeatable tests.
    • The tests are portable and can be re-used in other systems under test thanks to the fact that TTCN3 is platform independent.
  • Increases the quality of system testing:
    • Allows regression testing.
    • Incorporates different test methods in a single tool.
  • Provides added value to system testing:
    • Test engineers can concentrate on designing the tests instead of automating and running them.
    • Automatic Generation of Test Specifications inside the code.