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Regression Performance Tool

Tool for Analysis and Management of Performance testing
MTP’s experience in performance testing for different clients has enabled it to develop a tool supporting its performance test methodology, managing the process, automating report generation and providing visibility on the testing process.

It represents a "skin" or complement to commercial and Open Source Performance tools on the market, enabling results analysis and the generation of performance test reports to be speeded up as fast as possible.

Web tool designed and built by MTP to allow:
  • Faster collection of metrics and reports.
  • Customisation of reports to suit the client's format.
  • Availability of dashboards:
    • Monitoring test status.
    • Volume of tests performed.
  • Centralised access to all test information.
  • Integrated management of Performance Regression tests:
    • Monitoring of baselines.
    • Benchmarking of results against the base line.
  • Integration with other products and solutions.
  • Automatic Business Services tests: Tuxedo, SOA, etc.
  • Study of application availability.
  • Increases productivity of the team.
  • Enables automation of report generation.
  • Support for regression tests.

Regresion Performance Tool