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Environmental Policy - 1st October 2010

Protecting the environment takes pride of place among the goals of MTP and for this reason environmental aspects have been included in its business management process, striving to attain an adequate balance between economic interests and respect for the environment. Within the framework of this Environmental Policy, MTP undertakes to:

  • Respect applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as any other requirement that MTP may sign.
  • Include environmental variables in MTP’s operational and management activities, establishing methodologies for the prevention and control of emissions, discharges, waste, noise and any other impact on the environment, fostering the recovery and recycling of waste and an adequate and rational use of resources.
  • Establish environmental goals and targets on a regular basis, within the framework of this Environmental Policy.
  • Guarantee continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Interact positively and proactively on the behaviour of its major suppliers.
  • Promote internal and external communication among all stakeholders on environmental matters. In particular, this policy will be notified to all employees and people working on behalf of MTP and it will be available to clients and the general public.
  • Prepare and conduct, on an on-going basis, training, awareness-raising and motivation actions regarding environmental protection.