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Innovation and transformation are part of our DNA, and we have a service focused on adapting our customers’ business processes to the new digital environment. Such service provides considerable savings in costs, as well as being totally aligned to the new technologies.

In IBO-MTP we are in charge of the business processes management of the organizations, as well as their transformation into the digital environment, increasing their efficiency and providing added value via the implementation of processes and intelligent tools. From MTP we are leading the evolution of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) towards IBO (Intelligent Business Operations), which incorporates the Business Analysis, among other technologies.



We work with a differential business model based on:

  • Skills for the management of our customers’ processes. We offer a thorough knowledge of the organizations’ key business processes.
  • Deep knowledge on the operation of the different business sectors.
  • Guidance on results and value contribution:

- Culture focused on the customer’s needs and the development of joint alliances.

- Products of its own, leaders in innovation and in technologies linked to the business key processes.

  • Intelligent automation and advanced Customer Experience models.

- A team of professionals with extensive experience in comprehensive and intelligent management of the business  processes behind us.