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In order to increase the efficacy of every organization, it is necessary to go through definition and automation of the business processes.

The digital reengineering of business processes facilitates their optimization and supports their automation via their formal definition and their implementation.

The aim is for organizations to:

  • Align their processes with the company’s objectives and strategy. 
  • Have a complete control of the processes. 
  • Be flexible for adapting to the changes in the environment. 
  • Give visibility in the decision-making.
  • Be as efficient as possible.
  • Be able to apply continuous improvement for being always competitive.

The implementation of the digital reengineering of processes requires a cultural change within the company, for which the absolute commitment by the Management is necessary, ensuring the right implementation of the optimized processes and therefore, the success in the service results. It is about modeling and optimizing the business processes (how the employees are going to work) and using adequately the software application automatically generated, through iBPMS tools, that implement all the logic and working flux of those modeled processes.

As the final result, the implemented solution will enable to perform an efficient and resourceful management of the business objectives, along with the organization processes, which allows to:

  • Improve the productivity and quality due to the existence of minor errors in the production.
  • Obtain products in less time, as the time-to-market is reduced.
  • Enhance the operational efficiency, by shortening the times used in the processes and reducing the necessary resources.
  • Improve the customer service, by reducing the waiting periods and carrying out a better management of the resources.