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Banking and Insurance

The companies on the Banking and Insurance sector has been compelled to make their processes and business models evolve rapidly in order to respond to a reality defined by:

The appearance of competitors that do not belong to the traditional sector and have changed the rules of the game.

Guidance on the activity towards channels such as online and mobile.

Native digital users that demand the use of technological tools, customization of services and a safe and permanent access to those services.

Adaptation to new regulations on data protection.

Protection against frauds and infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Redefinition of the traditional channels.

Concepts such as Big Data, Mobility, Omnichannel or Cloud Computing are already part of every financial company’s strategy. However, in such a complex environment as this, banking entities must also work for obtaining customer loyalty, understanding their priorities and designing new products that will become unique experience for each one of them, establishing thus a lasting business relationship.

The change that the Financial Sector is experiencing displays a technological basis. MTP has a tested experience when ensuring the business of large organizations in this sector through the efficient use of Information Technologies.

Discover how MTP can help to increase competitiveness, responsiveness and efficiency in the companies of the Banking and Insurance sector in the new digital environment, with the services encompassed under the Digital Business Assurance concept: