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Industry and Retail

The industrial sector cannot disregard the digital environment. The new reality particularly involves the companies in this sector in areas related to optimization of processes and to the adoption of tools that facilitate the decision making in real time.

On the other hand, improving the communication with clients, suppliers and employees through intranet and extranet solutions, or enabling the access to corporate applications via mobile devices, are other big challenges to face.

The Retail companies, for their part, see how the online channel has become more relevant in their business, a fact that compels them to design new strategies and to use new tools that allow them to compete in this field and to deal with a well-informed and very demanding consumer. This situation makes it impossible for the retail companies to make any mistakes in their stock management, in their logistics operation or in the usability in their online shop.

Both sectors have faced the need to open themselves to a world full of opportunities, but full of dangers as well. The cyber-attacks are increasingly frequent and sophisticated. The organizations must be prepared to avoid fraud and data theft in the operations they perform through their platforms, and to find solutions to possible vulnerabilities of their TIC infrastructures as well.

In the new digital environment, the organizations in the Industry and Retail sectors need:

More efficiency and responsiveness.

More security.

Well-informed decision-making. Visibility in operation.

Compliance of regulations and standards.

Alignment of the processes with the business objectives and strategy.

A fully satisfactory relationship with the customer.

With its new services portfolio, encompassed under the Digital Business Assurance concept, MTP helps the organizations to adequate their processes, structures and technologies to the new need that the digital society demands.