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The companies in this sector have traditionally been the ones in charge of managing large critical infrastructures that, until recently, remained on the fringe of the global connection process achieved by the rest of the organizations.

With the popularization of tendencies such as Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, Smart Cities, etc., these companies have adapted their business models in order to get on the digital bandwagon.

The utilities offer essential services to millions of users and thousands of companies. An error in their systems may be fatal both from the economic and social standpoints. Furthermore, the handling of large amounts of private data seems very attractive for cyber-criminals. On the other hand, they need to make sure that they comply with the different regulations in the areas in which they operate for areas ranging from the environmental to the information for the consumer.

The marketing via the online channel is also gaining ground in this sector and the release of products and services makes their management and the communication with the customer via Internet a key aspect in the business development and in an excellent customer service.

Improving efficiency and operational responsiveness.

Avoiding frauds in the service provision.

Avoiding vulnerabilities in the systems of infrastructures.

Controlling and ensuring a high quality service.

Optimizing the customer relationship.

Protection against frauds and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure.

Automation of processes.

Complying with regulations and standards.

MTP helps the companies in the utilities sector to overcome all these challenges through an extensive portfolio of services encompassed under the Digital Business Assurance concept: