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IT security is currently framed within the context of cyber-security, an environment that is broader, more flexible and full of nuances that may hinder the tasks of the responsible on IT Security.

In this situation, each organization must perform a risk analysis in order to shed light on the measures to be taken for reducing vulnerabilities. Likewise, the necessary adaptation to different regulations demands a thorough knowledge on the systems’ security status.

With MTP’s Analysis on Cyber-security Risks service, it is possible to identify and evaluate the risk components of TIC systems with regards to the business processes: vulnerabilities, impact and probability of occurrence.

This service uses dynamic tests, analysis of source code and evaluations of the vulnerabilities, as well as every other type of testing or inspection activity destined to the complete and reliable collecting of evidences.

With these tests, the organization obtains:

  • A report on the evaluation of the risk for a set of systems and recommendations for minimizing it.

  • A set of learned lessons, addressed to the software development and maintenance team, with the aim of preventing to repeat the same mistakes in the organization.

  • A set of improvements in the SDLC (Software Development Life cycle).

  • Optionally, a control panel in which in a semi-automatized way, vulnerabilities metrics per systems are incorporated, enabling to identify the deliveries of the systems whose security is improving or deteriorating.