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The organizations that develop and maintain TIC systems with assets of high economic value need to have the right protection for reducing the risks that threaten these assets as far as possible, and to be able to guarantee the continuous provision of the service.

MTP’s Source Code Security Service consists in the development of a proactive and preventive activity of vulnerabilities. Its objective is to identify, through SAST -Static Application Security Testing- techniques, the main vulnerabilities of the TIC systems, with the static analysis of the source code. Thus, it is possible to increase the security of such systems and to minimize the risk for unauthorized access.

With the application of the Source Code Security Analysis Service, the organizations will have:

  • A report on the identified and detected vulnerabilities in each analyzed application.

  • A classification of the applications portfolio according to their vulnerability and the tendency of such portfolio’s vulnerability.

  • All the necessary information for deciding if the new systems pass to production or not, or updated versions of the systems already in operation.

  • Optionally, a control panel in which in a semi-automatized way, vulnerabilities metrics per applications are incorporated, enabling to identify the deliveries of the systems whose security is improving or deteriorating.