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The necessary adaptation to the different security regulations compels the organizations to collect all the information on their status regarding this area. In this situation, the integration of all the processes involved in the IT security area in a single management system will be very useful.

Thus, the organization will be able to reach to all the necessary assets, to lead the efforts in the right direction -saving costs and time-, and to have a quick ability to react in the event of an incident.

With the development of a Security Master Plan that MTP proposes, it will be possible to unite all the existing criteria in the organization, adding consistency and systematization to all the initiatives in the area of IT security that must be considered. With a Security Master Plan, it is be possible to locate and ensure all the critical assets, having all the necessary guarantees for the company to reactivate its business in the event of occurring an incident.

With this service, the organization obtains:

  • A catalogue of assets and their security status.

  • A result of the technical audits.

  • An SGSI Implementation Plan, with all the documentation related to approve an ISO/IEC 27001:20013 or ENS audit. Moreover, it is possible to include, when necessary: a Business Continuity Plan, a Response against Incidents Plan, and/or a Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • A Comprehensive Security Control Panel for the Organization Information.

  • A report with the lessons learned during the service process.