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The organizations that develop and maintain TIC systems with assets of high economic value need to have the right protection in order to reduce as far as possible the risks that threated those assets, and in order to guarantee the continuous provision of the service.

MTP’s Security Tests for Applications service consists in the detection, via automatic, semi-automatic and manual techniques: DAST - Dynamic Application Security Testing-, IAST - Interactive Application Security Testing, pen testing and ethical hacking; of the main vulnerabilities in the TIC systems through the dynamic execution of the tests, seeking to increasing the system security and minimizing the risk due to unauthorized access.

With the implementation of this service, the organizations will have:

  • A report with the vulnerabilities detected in each system.

  • A classification of the projects portfolio according to their vulnerability and the tendency of vulnerability of such portfolio.

  • All the necessary information for deciding if new systems or updated versions of the systems already in operation will pass to production or not.

  • Optionally, a control panel in which in a semi-automatized way, vulnerabilities metrics per applications are incorporated, enabling to identify the deliveries of the systems whose security is improving or deteriorating.