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In every software development, one of the key factors, besides the budget, is time. This factor makes the organizations to shorten the established pointers in a project, which may affect both its quality and security. In this situation, it is imperative to be aware that a vulnerable development can jeopardize the data and the services upon which the company bases its business.

Through the Support to the Software Development Cycle of Life service (SDCL) it is possible to integrate IT security into the Software Development Life Cycle, covering thus the first layer in the global protection of corporate data, since this service covers from the “Requirements Elaboration” up to the “Maintenance and Support” phases, following the development method chosen by the company.

After finishing this service, the company shall be able to:

  • Write more thorough requirements.

  • Design software architectures that minimize the vulnerabilities as far as possible.

  • Have a threat analysis from the standpoint of the business.

  • Define spots of control in order to secure the systems that move to exploitation.

  • Create a philosophy for developing and maintaining the software under the cyber-security realm.