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For any vulnerability, including those identified during the tests, their exploitation can be blocked via RASP type tools, which are an evolution of the WAF (Web Application Firewall).

Any company that has a web portal or services accessible in Internet is susceptible to be attacked, In fact, over 90% or the companies with web presence have suffered some kind of attack in the last 12 months.

With the RASP technology, it is possible to block attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in the production systems, causing a minimum impact of performance. Thus, the company can immediately protect its assets, while waiting for a new software version to solve these security breaches.

MTP’s Rasp Service consists in the development of a proactive and preventive activity against cyber-attacks. Its aim is to block possible cyber-attacks or vulnerabilities, both identified and unknown. The former will have been previously identified, either by third parties or via the vulnerabilities identification services offered by MTP (analysis of source code security, automated dynamic testing and ethical Hacking or Pentesting) in any of the modalities of service provision: Pay per vulnerability or per audit.

With the RASP Service implementation, the organizations will have:

  • A more protected production environment, since it will have its vulnerabilities, both identified and unknown, blocked, and consequently, a stronger protection of the most valuable assets.

  • The possibility of integrating this RASP technology with the security tests carried out in pre-production environments for an automated and immediate communication of the identified vulnerabilities.

  • The possibility of incorporating new strategies for the identification of attacks of any kind, including the APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), implementing Business Intelligence.