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Currently, the IT departments are immerse into a transformational process that aims at giving response to a business that demands an ever growing agility and innovation in its services.

The diversity in the mobility area makes it necessary for the organizations a high quality strategy in order to give solutions to:

  • Multiple SO

  • Multiple SO versions

  • Multiple terminals

  • Multiple operators with different service qualities

  • Different applications typologies (Web, Natives or Hybrids)

  • Multiple and diverse testing solutions 

With this service, MTP adapts to the needs of each organization’s mobility testing, ensuring the quality of the developments performed on existing mobile devices, reproducing the user’s experience and guaranteeing the best functional and non-functional quality of the application.

This service provides:

  • Increase in the quality of applications.

  • Reduction in the time to market.

  • Optimization in costs and transfer from CAPEX to OPEX.

  • Pay per use.

  • Permanent updating of Tools Infrastructure Services.