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A large number of organizations deem essential to ensure the quality of their software developments, beyond the hired testing, as a part of the development project; however, they do not have an internal team specialized in Quality, or are in need of an additional reinforcement in order to address this kind of activity, but maintaining the expenses under control.

With this service, MTP provides software verification and validation testing through a model managed in Factory, which establishes a series of working procedures for attending testing petitions and obtaining results based on their implementation.

The service scope includes definition and design, transition, operation and transference, as well as its phases, agreeing with each organization on the set of verification and validation activities: Revision of requirements, revision of project documentation, code quality analysis, system testing, integration testing, certification or acceptance testing, UAT, regression testing automation, performance, vulnerability testing, usability, accessibility, etc.

The main benefits of this service are:

  • Ensuring the functionality of the applications and/or the right functioning of the interfaces in the productive environments with the resulting savings in non-quality costs.

  • Knowing the response of the application or system in the face of abnormal situations or typical failure modes of the technology used, or linked to the business operations.

  • Optimization of efforts, given the service valuation in working units and the specialization in managing knowledge and Human Resources.

  • Invoicing for work accomplished, which allows the optimization of costs.

  • Possibility for management on large working peaks.

  • Transference of improvements in productivity for the organization, in the service evolution or in efficiency in industrialized tasks of the Factory.

  • Possibility for different efficient working models: Onsite, nearshore, offshore and their combinations.