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With this service, MTP guarantees the implementation of regression testing in the most effective way. Due to the industrialization of the automation process and the increment of the automation for such testing, it is possible to increase the number of unattended implementations and to detect the maximum number of incidences.

The service includes:

  • Establishing the regression strategy.

  • Identification and management of the cases that have to be part of the regression.

  • Identification of the cases to be automated.

  • Elaboration, implementation and maintenance of automation scripts.

  • Implementation of regression cases.

By developing the service of Management and Automation of the Functional Regression, the organizations obtain various benefits:

  • Reducing the necessary effort in regression testing.

  • Increasing the testing coverage.

  • Possibility of dedicating more time to activities of expanded added value, such as design activities or manual testing..

  • Time saving in data processing.

  • Swiftness in updating scripts in the face of changes in the application.