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In the software development processes, it is convenient for the organizations to minimize the risks related to possible delayed, incomplete or bad quality deliveries, factors that may affect the normal business development of the company and provoke losses both economic and in the level of reputation.

With the Quality Office service, MTP is in charge of the supervision monitoring and control of all the activities linked to the domain of software quality assurance in general, and of testing in particular. More specifically:

  • Ensures the quality activities to be developed in accordance to what is established.

  • Provides visibility regarding the quality status of the developments.

  • Identifies and manages projects and product risks.

  • Identifies and manages problems in development projects related to SQA activities of those that can impact them.

Among the benefits related to MTP’s Quality Office service, we can highlight:

  • Control of the risks linked to the software developments.

  • Management and early solution of problems.

  • Reduction of down times.

  • Improvement in coordination among teams.

  • Reduction in the level of communication between the customer and external providers.

  • Visibility of the products’ quality status.

  • Visibility of the development and testing projects status.

  • Guaranteeing that the working processes defined for the software quality assurance are correctly developed, as well as a continuous improvement of such processes.

  • Identification of problems endemic to the organization or environment.

  • Reduction in the total quality cost.

  • Assurance of the production readiness dates.