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MTP’s Performance Testing service is focused on the software optimization from the standpoint of applications efficacy; that is to say, the implementation of this kind of tests avoids the different problems resulting from the applications performance, increasing its availability and cost optimization.

The concept of performance testing includes:

  • Loading Tests. Verifying if the system is capable of taking on the load expected, with acceptable response times and consumption of resources that do not jeopardize the production.

  • Capacity Tests. The system functioning limits are obtained, as well as the elements that restrict the performance inside the platform.

  • Stability Tests. These enable to guarantee the right use of the resources by an application during an extended period of time.

  • Stress or Overload Tests. The system is submitted to a load level higher than expected, but which can be produced under certain circumstances.

  • Isolation Tests. The right functioning of each one of the elements that form complex architectures is verified.

  • Regression Tests. The current performance of an application is compared to the one it had before an implementation.

The main benefits associated to MTP’s Performance Testing service are:

  • To have specialized teams with experience in the use of the main provision tools in the market.

  • To guarantee that the systems evolve correctly with regards to their performance due to the use of a methodology specific for regression tests, through the use of thermometers and baselines.

  • Better visibility of these tests for all the parties involved in the projects.