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With these services, MTP addresses the design and execution of tests focused on verifying that the functionalities defined for and application have been implemented correctly. Such tests are carried out through the use of design techniques –mainly black box, such as the analysis of equivalent partitions, limit values, cause-effect, orthogonal arrays, etc., as well as management tools and testing support.

The organization obtains, as a result of this services, knowledge in the quality of the implementation of the functionality established for the software, which enables to control and minimize the risks related to the production readiness of badly built software.

The benefits associated to MTP’s functional testing service are the following:

  • Ensuring the functionality of the applications in the productive environments, with the resulting savings in non-quality costs.

  • Knowing the response to the application or system in the face of anomalous situations or typical failure modes of the technology used or linked to the business operations.

  • Having, after the testing, a documented set of tests that can serve as a basis for the acceptance tests or to be used during the maintenance of the application.