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Through the Integrated Testing in the Development Cycle, a quality integrated service in provided, which incorporates assurance actions all through the life cycles of the developments. This work, therefore, covers SQA activities included in other services, but incorporating a common management to all the lifecycle the development.

With this, a better visibility is provided, and in turn, an improvement in the quality of the developments from the standpoint of functionality.

Among the benefits associated to this service, we can find:

  • Building the right software, the first time.

  • Reduction of cost in rework.

  • Larger predictability in the estimations.

  • More user satisfaction.

  • More efficiency in the testing.

  • Less volatility in the specifications.

  • More capacity for reusing the specifications.

  • Knowledge in the developments quality since the earliest stages of the life cycle.

  • Assurance of functionality of the applications and/or the right functioning of the interfaces in productive of the interfaces in the productive environments, with the resulting savings of the non-quality costs.

  • Knowledge of the application or system response in the face of anomalous systems or failure mode or linked to the business.

  • Optimization of both the use of support resources and the users.

  • Establishing the synergies all through the diverse stages of quality assurance.

  • Knowledge of the software quality evolution all throughout the development lifecycle.